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Storms and Rainbows

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Skies 120

When I was a small child my father called me “Sally” – I associate this name with the precious positive influence he has had in my life.
Being married to the other incredible positive influence in my life, Marty Bielefeldt, has inspired my blog name “Sallybee.”
Thus, I walk Sallybee’s creative paths.
Las Vegas June 2009 122

With the encouragement and inspiration of my lovely daughters  and  sweet husband, I have decided to originate a creative blog.
My 27 years as a piano teacher have been rewarding. I have learned that ability and creativity can truly be developed with patience, encouragement and diligence.

I have had the incredible journey of raising 8 amazing children – 4 daughters and 4 sons.
In July my 21st grandchild will be born, and that is every bit as exciting as when my first grandchild was born.
My Forever Family is the light of my life and the wind beneath my wings.
My 4 sons-in law and 2 daughters-in law are all delightful, talented, and very generous.


I am grateful for every breath I take, for the beauties all around and for the Master Creator of all who constantly teaches and lifts me up.
When the world seems dark and stormy I always know the rainbow will soon be radiating hope.
It’s amazing to realize the storms bring rains which nurtures all in order to sustain life.

The sweetest rainbows at this season of life are my grandchildren!

visiting Hannelora 025

Amazing Arizona Skies 036-1


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