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Ice in the Backyard


This pine tree is actually in our backyard in Gilbert, Arizona and grows very well in the desert.
Ice formed after the sprinkler system, which comes on at 5 a.m.

This past week brought freezing temperatures in the 20’s and created ice
that lasted 2 days wherever water happened to be standing or flowing.

When I stood still instead of trying to skate on our icy pond, Spice stood still and I clicked a picture.
(she hates posing for pictures as much as she hates the cold)

Even after the frozen nights, I have enjoyed delicious, juicy grapefruits from our citrus.
What could be more magical than icicles hanging on a pine tree, ice on the pond
and a juicy grapefruit – all in the same place?! 😉


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January Snow in the Valley of the Sun


Snow in the Valley of the Sun – Phoenix area – is a rarity. A few weeks ago snow gently floated  from the skies in many parts of the Valley, giving brief moments of delight to school children, but melted so quickly that it was gone in the blink of an eye.
The Four Peaks Mountains reigned in all their snowy beauty for several days.

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Snow at the Hodge Podge Lodge

Even though Star Valley had received many inches of snow,
by the time we had a chance to go to our Hodge Podge Lodge,
most of the snow had melted. 🙂

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Arizona Highway Alt 89A

Travel east of Jacob’s Lake is an adventure in breathtaking Arizona scenes
in a seemingly ancient landscape of painted colors.

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Lonesome Saguaro

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Arizona in April


From the desert to the mountains
From cactus and wildflowers to snow and icy waters
From 85 degrees dropping to 55 degrees

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Amazing Arizona Desert

When I was a child I thought the desert was hot and ugly until I saw a movie called, “The Living Desert.”  My eyes were opened to the amazing creatures and plants of the untamed wilderness. As I grew older, my heart opened to the beauties of these creations and I now hear the songs of the desert singing joyfully in praises to our Lord and King.

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Time to Rest

A Hummingbird decides to enjoy a peaceful moment at the Riparian Park in Gilbert, Arizona.
Love the view of the Superstitions in the background.

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Magical Moment

This magical moment happened just at dusk as we were trudging tiredly along with the masses who were leaving the Renaissance Festival. For a brief moment, time stopped, noise and confusion ceased, and a little princess was given a jewel by Twig, the fairy. The magical jewel, forgotten and left at my home reminds me of the unforgotten enchantment of the day.  Though Dearheart claims he will not go again, I will if I can be with my own sweet treasures – my family!

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Rare Valley of the Sun Winter

Just when I am feeling smug about our beautiful winter season in the Valley of the Sun, we received floods caused by 5 days of continuous rain with close to our annual rainfall, and also a tornado warning!!  No that is not snow in the citrus, it is hail. Spice did not want to get wet. Since it rained almost continuously, I would run out in the drizzle so she would follow me out and “do her business”, but this time she refused. Spice just does not like rainy days, but I do. One of the days I just curled up with a “chocoholic mystery” by Joanna Carl and a cup of hot chocolate.

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