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24 Hours in San Diego

Who would drive 6 1/2 hours to San Diego to enjoy 24 hours – from sunset to sunset – before driving home to arrive at 1:00 a.m.?

Probably only proud parents who treasured precious time spent with their Marine!

Private 1st Class Joe Bielefeldt


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Season of Rejoicing

I recently heard an interesting thought at church: “Without the death and resurrection of our Lord, there would be no Christmas.” It is so interesting that once a year so many in the world turn their hearts towards charity and good will toward men, and yet it is the correct thing to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” so as to not offend those who do not believe in Christ. What a paradox! The world celebrates Christmas because of Christ – in fact Christ is the root of the word Christmas. He is also the root of all goodwill towards men. It is ironic that so many in the world want to receive gifts that have no long-term joy, but reject the one gift that gives everlasting joy in life.

Let us all join in singing with one voice the beautiful hymn “Joy to the world, the Lord has come”. Let us receive the gift of everlasting joy by turning our hearts towards charity and good will every day of our lives. As we continually try to keep our hearts turned towards Him who gave us the greatest gift of all, and try to emulate His life to the best of our ability, we will feel a great increase of peace and happiness in the midst of the worldly turmoil of life.

Let us rejoice for the Lord is indeed our King – our Savior and our Redeemer!

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Missionary Son in South Africa

Sweet is the feeling I have as a mother of a son freely giving service to others as he seeks to give hope through the gospel of Jesus Christ. After being in South Africa for 5 months, he has grown to feel they are truly like his brothers and sisters.  He has been given a Sotho name of “Khotso”, which means Peace. He has also been honored with the gift of the traditional Sotho blanket.

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Joyous Easter

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Amazing Arizona Desert

When I was a child I thought the desert was hot and ugly until I saw a movie called, “The Living Desert.”  My eyes were opened to the amazing creatures and plants of the untamed wilderness. As I grew older, my heart opened to the beauties of these creations and I now hear the songs of the desert singing joyfully in praises to our Lord and King.

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Let Freedom Ring

4th of July 0264th of July 029-11For children, the 4th of July means swimming, watermelon, hamburgers, hot dogs and most of all – fireworks!
As the years go by, gradually the 4th of July becomes a time to remember –
Remember those who fought valiantly for freedoms that are familiar to us –
Freedom to – worship, live, love, set goals, pursue goals, fail, succeed,
work, play, share, serve, travel, reach out and take the hand of the Lord.
Freedom to safeguard our homes, our family, our religion, our liberty!

**Let freedom ring clearly and resonantly throughout the land **

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Gifts of Love

Las Vegas 132

Of all the awesome scenes I love to capture with my camera, none excels the greatest scene of  all –
love shared between parents and child.

Las Vegas to Gilbert 026

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Beautiful Arizona – Sunset and Veggie Garden

Gilbert sunset and garden 005I stepped out on my balcony to capture this breathtaking Gilbert, Arizona sunset

Gilbert sunset and garden 004

Gilbert sunset and garden 007

Gilbert sunset and garden 012

It’s rather amazing to think from such a little plot of land comes such abundance!

What would happen if we were to get serious about gardening?!

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Beautiful Arizona – On the Road to Las Vegas

Las Vegas June 2009 049Majestic Arizona views within a half hour drive South of the Hoover Dam.

*Zooming in for a closeup of the Colorado River*

Las Vegas June 2009 051

Las Vegas June 2009 018

* In the midst of the desolate dessert, the fantasy of a castle appeared to the eye of imagination *

Las Vegas June 2009 034The Joshua Tree – armed for battle

Much of the road trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas appeared desolate and forsaken, but the camera captured glimpses
of the beauties of the Creator that can be freely shared by all who take time to notice.

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Arizona Beauty – On the Rim

Gallup and Cabin 043

Gallup and Cabin 037

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