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Water Pond

The pond is beautiful with a lily pad, but no little green frog.

Water hyacinths like to take over the pond.

This is not a water plant, but the flowers are colorful.


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November Roses in Bloom

Well…..Kind of in bloom.
The first roses in my garden to look lovely instead of sunburned since June I think.
Roses and Sunset November 6 010

fall roses 005 See Treasures of the Heart

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Flowers at the Cabin

Lily at the cabin 003

Just a few minutes before we left our cabin, Marty found this lovely lily hiding on the border of the dry pond.
Just another delightful surprise to be discovered by the diligent sleuth.

Lily at the cabin 007Wild Flowers at the cabin – like a breath of fresh airAs we arrived on Thursday, we were greeted by this lovely blossoming rose,
which had changed dramatically by Saturday afternoon when we reluctantly bid adieu.

Lily at the cabin 019Bush & Beeline Highway 045

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A Bouquet of Love

may-day-041This beautiful birthday bouquet sent by my daughter, Hannelora and her family arrived to greatly cheer my day at the same moment the paramedics arrived to save my life. What a wonderful day surrounded by the roses of my life — my family!  Thank you!!

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Actually we did not have April Showers, but we surely do have May flowers! Lovely time in the Valley of the Arizona Sun.
Roses from my mini garden are abundant and provide a delightful freshly cut May basket.


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Garden Treasures at the Cabin

flowers-at-the-hodge-podge-lodge-0121As we arrived at our cabin in Star Valley, we were delighted to see iris blossoms everywhere. This is the first year the elk have not munched the blossoms away down to the ground. Instead, they seem to have found an easy path to our neighbors yard. We also found a few other wildflowers, the mint we planted from our daughter’s mother-in-law in Gallup, the rosebush, the lavender bush and other lovely growing things.

flowers-at-the-hodge-podge-lodge-0261flowers-at-the-hodge-podge-lodge-013flowers-at-the-hodge-podge-lodge-0111flowers-at-the-hodge-podge-lodge-036flowers-at-the-hodge-podge-lodge-017flowers-at-the-hodge-podge-lodge-0541flowers-at-the-hodge-podge-lodge-049flowers-at-the-hodge-podge-lodge-0611Well….We didn’t really sit around while Marty worked, it just looks like it.

It was a beautiful, fresh, lovely day at the cabin!

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Garden Treasures



Grandaughters are the loveliest treasures in the garden – the sweetest, most precious flowers of all!!

garden-treasures-017Spice wants a story too


garden-treasures-002It’s amazing how abundant mini roses can be. The fun thing is you can plant any mini rose outside and they can grow very big. Mini-roses do not last very long in the pot inside.

garden-treasures-0081garden-treasures-001Curiosity allowed the roses on the left to grow from a wild branch of the roses on the right.

This odd apple tree,  planted
18  months ago has two seasons,
with one branch enjoying the autumn season while another branch enjoys spring.


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Treasures in the Backyard


This lovely bouquet is music to my heart – Arizona dessert roses in the Springtime are the treasures of my yard!


p4170215I transplanted this vine from my “secret garden” a year ago, where it was so happy and so reluctant with the new space. But, as I have carefully watered it and nurtured it with encouraging words, I have finally convinced it to grow and beautify this area that was once so desolate.

p4170210Spice is begging me to sit with her in her favorite place.p4170212p4170211The chard is ever abundant, left over from the fall planting, and the new tomatoes and squash plants are showing promise of wonderful future meals.

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