Sallybee's Creative Paths

A Journey Along Trails of Imagination

Family Heirlooms

Family Heirlooms 043Family Heirlooms 042Family Heirlooms 037sylvias-birthday-004

Replica of my Granma, Belle Sevey, created by my daughter Missy.
She scanned an old photo and printed it on fabric.
She cut out, sewed, stuffed it, then added details as shown on thumbnails.

Family Heirlooms 022

Pincushion given to Sallybee in 1950 –

made by her grandmother, Lucy Smith Shumway

Family Heirlooms 023

Baby slippers worn by Sallybee in 1946 –
crocheted by mother, Margaret Shumway Sevey

Family Heirlooms 047

This sampler was embroidered by Sallybee in 1956 when she was in Primary.
These were her favorite colors at the time.
The words on the sampler were her creed by which she tried to live daily.
The frame was created by her mother, Margaret Sevey as there was no
money to purchase a frame. (now this frame is a one of a kind treasure.)

Family Heirlooms 030Family Heirlooms 034Family Heirlooms 032-1

Wedding veil created for Sallybee
by grandmother-in-law, Mattie Ethel White in 1968

Family Heirlooms 046-2Mary had a little lamb doll created by Elizabeth Joy Bielefeldt Miller
for her mother, Sallybee


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